...early 1980's

Blasť was in many ways the fore-runner to Satellite Spies, as both bands featured the songs and lead vocals of Mark Loveys (who also played bass guitar). Blasť included Tony Bouwmeester on Drums, Michael Bouwmeester on Keyboards & vocals and Andy Cochrane on guitar & vocals. A couple of Blasť songs, "Destiny in Motion" and "Wish I'd Asked That Girl to Dance" went on to be popular for Satellite Spies.

Blasť toured extensively throughout NZ in the early 1980's and released two singles through Reaction Records; "Rock Solid" and "Just Like the Old Days". Both singles were produced by Glyn Tucker and received good radio support by Auckland and Northland radio stations. Videos for both singles featured on the popular NZ Music Television Show "Radio with Pictures" in the early 1980's.



Rock Solid (MP3)


Just like the Old Days (MP3)



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