Satellite Spies
...and the Vanishing Videos

Early in 2009, eight Satellite Spies videos from the 1980's were uploaded to YouTube, including "Destiny in Motion", "Wish I'd Asked that Girl to Dance", "Hold on to the Night", "Private Detective", "Only Here for the Rock n Roll", "Gonna Have to Change" and some live television performances. In May 2009, those videos were withdrawn by YouTube because of an apparent Copyright Violation complaint by "S.E.R.L Science Trustee Ltd and Keith G Moyle".

The videos in question were on YouTube with the permission of the true copyright holders and the violation claim by S.E.R.L. and Moyle was in fact invalid. Unfortunately the videos were still removed.

Who is "S.E.R.L. Science Trustee Ltd" and why would they want to withdraw these 20+ year old videos from the public domain? Why should Satellite Spies videos from the 1980's not be on YouTube when nearly every other NZ band from that era has its videos there?

Find the answers to these questions on Deleting Music.

UPDATE: 29 JULY 2009 - after investigating our complaint about the bogus copyright violations, YouTube restores all Satellite Spies videos that were previously removed.

UPDATE: 21 FEB 2010 - Satellite Spies videos are now being removed from MetaCafe citing Copyright violations. Obviously they have received similar fraudulent complaints to what were previously sent to YouTube. Videos Removed


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